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We Worked With The Most Trusted Concrete and Fencing Supplier in the South East of England

Working with MET Concrete Supplies in Essex, we can confidently say that we really enjoyed this one.

The client expressed that a change was needed in regards to their current branding and came to us for fresh ideas. The creative team knew exactly what they needed to do, designing a new logo, font and colours as well as developing a strategy for the brand going forward.

Our web development team worked efficiently to re-design and modernise the existing website, getting the company up to date in the digital world.

Met Concrete Supplies Web Development Mockup
MET Concrete Logo Image
Concrete Solid Branding

The discovery meeting with the client found that the current branding was outdated and didn’t align with the company’s mission and plans for the future. 

With this information, the team started to come up with some design concepts but there was one concept that stood out to the client and we agreed this would be the branding that the company goes forward with.

Modern, simplistic and straight forward. We designed a logo that matches that statement and the branding followed suit. 

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